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Whats our new normal going to look like?

Here it is, (at least for now!)

Re-Opening Guidelines

Operations will resume in Stages – Re-Opening Tuesday June 9th

First stage of reopening will be for Team athletes only on June 9th

Second Stage of reopening will incorporate classes the week of July 1st

Subsequent Stages to be determined (Camps, Open Workout…)

Building Preparation

  • Disinfection and Sanitation with a EPA Registered disinfectant (Benefect Decon 30) effective against Covid-19

  • Frequent Disinfection/Sanitizing with an EPA Registered disinfectant of high traffic areas while operational

  • Routine Daily Gym Cleaning after hours:

  • All hard surfaces will be thoroughly disinfected with an EPA Registered disinfectant as part of our daily routine cleaning when the gym is not in class. Soft surfaces and hard to reach areas (Rugs, equipment) will be sanitized with a fogger/mister with EPA Registered disinfectant during our daily routine cleaning.

  • Equipment and traffic areas will be sanitized between rotations/classes.

  • Water dispensers are not allowed to be used. All Gymnasts are required to bring their own personal water bottle to class.

  • Community chalk will not be allowed at this time. Each athlete will be given one block of chalk that they are to keep with their personal belongings and bring to each practice. If they lose it or use it up, they will be required to obtain their own chalk. We may also transition to liquid chalk which we will supply at this time. (can be ordered on Amazon)

  • Hand sanitizers will be located throughout the facility and frequent use will be encouraged.

  • Building will be marked with signage of Covid-19 Regulations.

  • Students will be required to enter through the front office entrance, remove shoes and store them in the designated areas before entering gym workout area. They will proceed through the gate to the gym area with their practice bag.


  • A parent must sign the child in and complete screening for every practice. Face masks are required upon entering the building. Temperature checks of all students and attending parent will be taken upon entrance. After temperature check everyone will be required to use hand sanitizer. Parent must wait till the child has been temperature checked screened and cleared before leaving the premises by the gym exit walking only through designated area. Any child with a temperature of 99.5 or above will not be allowed to stay at the facility. Unfortunately parents will not be able to stay to watch practice at this time in accordance with state regulations. Athletes must remove shoes before entering main gym and place them in a bag (provided) and put them into their gym bag and again sanitize/wash hands before joining practice. These procedures will be in place for every practice.

  • Restrooms will not be open to the public until further notice.

  • Athletes must wash/sanitize between rotations. Sanitation stations will be placed throughout the gym.

  • Athletes must maintain social distance at all times.

  • Each athlete must bring a bag that contains their own chalk in a container, grips, athletic tape and prewrap (if used), and a filled water bottle to each practice.

  • Students can remove their face masks while working out but must have them on to enter the building and put them on to exit the building or use restroom facilities.

  • Staff will follow policy including temperature checks and 24 hour wellness checks. Anyone with any symptoms of any type will not be allowed to work or stay at work.

  • Staff will sanitize/wash upon arrival and between each class and at the conclusion of class.

  • Staff will avoid direct physical contact whenever possible except in emergency situations.

  • Stations in the class will be spaced to respect social distancing.

  • Staff will be trained on operating procedures, sanitizing procedures, grouping policies and enforcing social distancing.

  • Staff will adhere to PPE requirements as set by the Massachusetts Board of Health.

  • Staff will adhere to all regulations and requirements recommended by the State of Massachusetts regarding travel, illness, and procedure to ensure the safety of the athletes, parents and staff.

  • Students will be able to be picked up at the end of practice at the gym door exit.

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